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Japanese Sweets MIYAKINEst.1861 / 6 stores located in Aomori prefecture.

Our company's management philosophy is 'Joy Together', and we aim to be a organization where we feel joy with our employees, the local community, family members, and colleague.

“I want to make a confectionery that will give people a blissful time with just one bite.”
― the thought of making the confectionery of the previous generation who was a pastry craftsman.

We are developing and manufacturing our confectionery with this word as the pillars of our heart.

In addition, we have many other confectionery both of western and Japanese style, except the suggested product.

Koma ManjuBest Sellers

Manju(Sweet bun) is a popular Japanese traditional sweet (wagashi) made by wrapping flavored ingredients such as azuki bean (red bean) paste in kneaded dough made from wheat or other ingredients.

“ The story of Koma Manju “

On September 27 in 1894, when the Crown Prince in Japan(later the Taisho Emperor) came to the stallion farm in Shichinohe city, our shop, Miyakin owner at that time offered a sake manju(Japanese rice wine sweet bun).Then the Crown Prince named that manju, 'Koma Manju'. In this year, 111 years passed since that event.So 'Koma manju' is 'Over 100 years passed souvenir in Aomori' and has the long history. Koma manju uses the local sake(rice wine) “Momokawa” from Aomori, and the bean paste made with our own manufacturing method is characterized by its good mouthfeel and freshness.

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Our original Japanese Pastry was selected as a tribute to japanese emperor.

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